Join us for Dinner at Beit é Selam

We are super excited to be eating at Beit E Selam on our upcoming trip to Nairobi Kenya

Eater Describes it is as the brainchild of Ethiopian entrepreneur and musician Zelalem Teklewold, this converted home transports customers to the Kenyan coast with its high arches, white-washed exteriors, and courtyard of climbing plants. Inside, Beit é Selam (which means “house of peace” in Amharic) draws diners in with gorgeous nooks to lounge in, decorated with books, paintings, and antiques from all over Africa. The dishes are largely Ethiopian fusion, ranging from kitfo tartare to berbere wings. The kitchen isn’t shy with spices, and dishes like the corn ribs can make a self-confessed carnivore seriously consider veganism. Feel free to check out their instagram page –

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