Our Photo Album for the Summer, truly unique experiences spent while working out of the Roatan Life offices. I experienced my first true digital nomad experience as we lived in Roatan for six weeks and sent our daughter to school. We were lucky enough to make some amazing friends, swim with dolphins at the Anthony’s Key Resort, Zipline and hang out with the monkeys in Gumba Limba Park and enjoy many of the amenities Roatan had to offer.

Ultimately Roatan was not our forever home , living on an island that runs off a generator and loses power daily, and at the time had some serious crime issues to deal with made it less than attractive at the time. However I would still strongly encourage a visit and if you do. Please visit the Roatan Rum Company or Book a Tour Here and tell Frank he still owes me a visit to Miami.

Travel Map Summer 2013 Roatan Honduras


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